About Unholy RPG

Welcome, my child, to the land that God forgot.

This is a tumultuous borderland which straddles the realm of humanity...and that of something far too sinister to witness alone. A place often facing down invasion by the undulating battalions of hell to strip us of that most valuable gift of heaven...

...Our Spirit.

Monstrous creatures of every conceivable, and oft inconceivable, design climb out of the Pit en masse and march on us with voracious intent. Oh, we have a few good souls brave enough to stem the tide of fell demons, and a few more daring enough to take the fight to old Sabnock himself, but what about YOU?

What about you, intrepid newcomer? Shall yours be the sword that drives the night back? Shall yours be the prayer that heals the land? Or shall you join the ever present battle for supremacy? The drive to be the strongest in the land, to take part in the warring Guilds vying to take on the mantle of protectors of the realm takes much of a person, and the pursuits of alchemy and Satanic bargaining are only the beginnings in paving the road of good intentions...

Choose well, newcomer. We all know where that road ends.

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